Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hey everyone!  How was everyone’s week?  It’s Sunday so it’s Weekly Wrap Up time!

I’m gonna start with something a little different this week.  Last night we had really severe weather here in Wichita.  Two areas, one about 3 miles and the other about 3 ½ miles southeast of me were hit real hard by what the preliminary reports say was an EF-3 tornado.  Luckily, no one killed and there were only about a dozen or so injuries.  We had plenty of advance notice and all week long we’d been warned the weather was going to be bad with large, strong tornadoes.  The week’s worth of warning is probably what saved lives.

I do have a few friends with at least superficial damage to their houses, if not worse, but they are all okay and safe.  My family’s and my houses are okay and none of us were injured.  Had the path been a few miles to the north I may not have been saying the same thing. 

On my way to the tanning salon earlier I was able to get a few pictures out the car window of the area about 3 miles from me.

Snapped power pole in front of Spirit Aerosystems

Downed power lines by Spirit Aerosystems

Damaged billboard near Spirit Aerosystems

Uprooted tree near Spirit Aerosystems
I just want to thank our local news services as well as all the local Meteorologists, it was their warnings yesterday and all week that saved lives.

Moving on to the weight loss journey, I maintained my weight from last week. Slightly disappointed but I guess that’s better than gaining again.  I really need to work on my snacking problem, lol.

As for fashion and beauty purchases this week there really aren’t any.  I ordered two new BeautyBlenders from Sephora during their VIB and IB sale.  That’s really all this week.  I’m expecting another small bonus at work which I have lots of plans for though, lol.

Finally this week is my manicure, “Koala Bear-y” from OPI.  It’s a nice cream fuchsia color, perfect for spring.

That’s all for this week I hope everyone has a great week ahead and that the weather here is much calmer.  I’ll talk to ya’ll later! J


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