Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Another weekend almost over and a new week about to start.  Tonight’s post is up a little late.  I just got home from seeing Kathy Griffin do standup.  She was so hilarious and the show was awesome.  And I was with two awesome friends which makes it even better!  We had a great time.  Hope everyone is doing well and had a good week.  It’s time for the weekly wrap-up.

Starting with weight loss this week I’m very excited.  As of this past Monday’s weigh-in I’m down another 3.4 lbs. which brought me to my first goal weight!  Now I’m on to my second goal to lose just another 5 lbs.  After that all I have to do is maintain the loss.  I just want to thank all the girls and guys on my team who are so supportive in all this.  To everyone, not just to me.  You all rock!  And I’m so proud of all the hard work we’ve all put in on this J.

On to fashion and beauty purchases for this week.  There aren’t a whole lot once again. 

For fashion I did get a new Coach handbag.  They’re my obsession as all my family and friends know.  I get invitations to the Coach Factory Outlet online sales so the prices are quite reasonable.  I got a large Sophia in grey with silver hardware and a beautiful amethyst lining.  I’m carrying her already and *love* her.

For beauty purchases I only picked up a few things.  I replaced my MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle and my MAC Mascara X in black since I was out of both.  I was also planning on getting a new MAC lipstick through their Back 2 MAC program, but I forgot how many empties it takes.  For those that don’t know, the Back 2 MAC is MAC’s recycling program.  They accept returns of their primary packaging (the boxes are labeled on the products that qualify).  If you return 6 empty packaging containers to a MAC counter or MAC Cosmetics  online you’ll receive a free MAC lipstick of your choice.  Even though I do have 6 empty containers, I left one at home because I thought it was 5.  So no knew lipstick for me this week, lol.

I also needed some new primer so I bought some Too Faced Primed and Poreless this time instead of the Smashbox PhotoFinish.  I like this one better for some reason, and it’s slightly cheaper which is nice.

And finally, I received my “The Club at Ulta” (their beauty club) certificate and I hit level 6 last quarter.  One of the options for level 6 is a free perfume up to a $40 value.  I picked out Jessica Simpson’s “I Fancy You” and got the 1.7 oz. that is $49 planning to pay the additional $9 but got the whole $49 off!  I was surprised.  I’m horrible at describing scents so I’m not even gonna try, lol.  I’ll just say I think it smells lovely J.

Finishing out this evening is my bi-weekly manicure.  This one is “Stranger Tides” by OPI from their Pirates of the Caribbean line.  It’s a very light sea green cream shade.  Now that spring is getting closer (it’s been in the 50’s here which is not normal for Kansas in February) I figured it’s time to mix in some lighter colors with the dark ones.  I think this one looks very pretty.

Well, that’s it for this week.  Hope you all have a great week ahead and I’ll talk to everyone later! J


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